Virtual Creativity Festival 2021!

Welcome to the virtual Creativity Festival booth for Creative Opportunities Unlimited (COU)!  As you may know, COU's mission is to serve the participants of Odyssey of the Mind through individual scholarships, World Finals housing grants, and association development so that more OMers around the world get to experience the joys of creative problem solving!

This year, we are running a sweepstakes in which a few lucky people will win a 2021 pin collection or a t-shirt fleece blanket. You can find out more information about that here.

For the virtual Creativity Festival, here's your task:

1. Find some random items around the house that look like the letters C, O, and U.

2. Arrange those items in a fun, creative place to spell out "COU."

3. Snap a photo of your creative COU creation.

4. Upload your COU photo below.

5. Receive your passport stamp!

We may feature some of the submissions on our website! We hope you're staying safe, adhering to your local government guidelines, and staying creative! We can't wait to see you in person again next year!

Upload Your Photo Here

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