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Do you know a student, school, or teacher whom you think would love participating in Odyssey of the Mind?  Maybe you have a cousin, niece, nephew, grandchild, or family friend in a different state or country that might benefit from being an Omer?  Do you love Odyssey sooooo much and want to share the love with people you care about who have yet to experience Odyssey of the Mind?  Well, good news: you can now nominate these awesOMe people so they, too, can participate in Odyssey of the Mind!

Using the nomination form below, feel free to let us know whom you think would benefit from participating in Odyssey of the Mind.  We will reach out and help your nominee get involved locally in service of our goal to bring creative problem solving to as many bright minds around the world as possible.  As you probably know from your experience as a participant, parent, teacher, and/or volunteer, OM helps young people discover their passion, hone their talents, and build up their self-confidence in a way that serves them well for life -- why not share that with people you care about!  Help us "Share the Odyssey" by becoming an Odyssey OMbassador today!

Whom would you like to nominate?
(if nominating a child under 18, please provide their parent's name and contact information)
And now some information about you, the nominator...

Thanks for submitting, OMbassador!

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