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Scholarships Introduction


Application Deadline: March 15, 2025 closes at midnight (Eastern).

Thank you for your interest in the 2024-2025 Creative Opportunities Unlimited Odyssey Scholarships Program.

We are pleased to offer several different scholarships to Odyssey of the Mind participants each year. To
make it easier to apply, we have adopted a “common application” approach in which all applicants complete one
base application with information required for every scholarship. From there, some of the scholarships
have specific selection criteria defined by the sponsor when the scholarship was established. Applicants should
read the individual scholarship requirements to see if they are eligible and able to provide the additional elements necessary to be considered for those special scholarships.


Criteria that apply to all scholarships are listed below.


ALL scholarship applicants must:

● be a 1) high school senior, 2) a college freshman, sophomore, or junior, or 3) a college senior if pursuing post-graduate education
● be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
● plan to attend post-secondary school in the U.S.
● be (or will be) a full-time student who is actively attending classes in good standing.

Before You Begin Your Application:

Remember that you will only need to complete one online application. You will be considered for all scholarships whose eligibility you meet.


You will need the following supporting documents and items for your application:

  • Unofficial High School or College/University Transcript: required for current high school seniors or current college students

  • Letter of recommendation from an Odyssey of the Mind coach/official, school administrator, or teacher. The letter should be no more than one page, double-spaced or hand-printed and available as a digital document (.doc, .pdf). (NOTE: Division IV OMers are not required to provide a letter of recommendation unless otherwise noted by a specific scholarship)

  • Brief topic-specific essay, no more than 350 words (see below for the topic of this essay)

  • Creative Scholarship Challenge video submission (see below for the topic of this video)

  • Review individual scholarships (Odyssey Visionary - KehrliKurtz) for any additional requirements specific to those scholarships

Program Timeline:

  • Application Open: December 15, 2024

  • Application Deadline: March 15, 2025 (closes at midnight Eastern)

  • Notification of Selection Results: April 15, 2025

  • Announcements at World Finals: May 2025

  • Funds Disbursed Directly to Institutions By: September 1, 2025

To Apply:


Part I:  Creative Scholarship Challenge Video

Film a video, three minutes or less, of yourself explaining one of the Creative Scholarship Challenges you are passionate about from the list below. Your video must be uploaded to YouTube and marked "public." You will submit the link to your video with the online application. No exceptions :)

Choose one Creative Scholarship Challenge that excites and fascinates you and create a video of 3-minutes or less in response. We want to know about your experiences and creations. The video could include elements (such as a poem, a painting, an unusual piece of art, or a technical creation) that demonstrate the spirit of the challenge you choose. In other words, ... BE CREATIVE! The Spirit of the Problem is to have fun and be expressive!

Creative Scholarship Challenges for this year (Choose ONE):

1) A mini-interview. Pretend you are speaking to a group that is just starting their Odyssey of the Mind journey. Teach us something about your rewarding experience.

2) Solution for a community challenge. Choose a problem from your community and share with us a unique solution that uses Odyssey of the Mind skills to overcome the community problem.

3) Odyssey-inspired innovation challenge! Odyssey of the Mind Long-Term Problems span five categories - vehicle, technical, Classics, structure, and performance. Select one Long-Term Problem category and use this as your inspiration to develop a new innovation that solves a problem, fulfills a need, or strikes a powerful emotion.

Video tips and recommendations:

  • The video should be clear, creative, unique, and a demonstration of your passion for Odyssey of the Mind. We value novel, memorable approaches that demonstrate what you have learned through Odyssey of the Mind. Your video does not need to be fancy or high-tech. Production value is not a factor; however, we should be able to clearly hear and see your presentation.

  • The video must be three minutes or less in length. Videos longer than this will not be considered, no exceptions.

  • We encourage you to share the impact that Odyssey of the Mind has had on you.

Part II:
Provide a written response in 350 words or less that answers the following question: What is the contribution of teamwork in creating and demonstrating a solution for Odyssey of the Mind?  Submit your response as a .doc or .pdf.

IMPORTANT: Submission of your application gives permission to Creative Opportunities Unlimited to use video or written elements in connection with the program and support of the participants and volunteers of Odyssey of the Mind.


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