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Scholarships FAQ


We know that applying for scholarships can be a stressful process, so we are here to help make the experience as positive and clear as possible!  Below are some frequently asked questions we have answered to help you as you apply.  Be sure to review the information page first (click the Read This First button below), as well as the application itself, as these resources may answer some of your questions.  If you have done this, reviewed the FAQ, and still have a question/concern, use the Contact Us button below to reach our Scholarships Director.


Q: If I am not a United States citizen or do not live in the United States or will not attend college in the United States, am I allowed to apply for scholarships?

A: Unfortunately, a recipient of scholarship funds needs to be a United States citizen attending an institution in the United States. 



Q: What is the recommended video quality?

A: Your video should preferably be 1080p so that it would look good in full screen mode.


Q: How many videos can I submit?

A: Only one. Each applicant is restricted to one video submission only.



Q: What is the desired video style?

A: Any technique and genre you choose (e.g., animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artistic video, and hybrid work) as long as the video is under 3 minutes, uploaded on YouTube, on topic, and comply with the rules outlined in the application.



Q: Does my video need to be in English?

A: No, as long as English subtitles are included for any sections that contain non-English dialogue.



Q: How long should my video be? 

A: The video must not exceed 3 minutes (including titles and credits).



Q: How many scholarships can I apply for?

A: By completing the application process you will be entered into all scholarships that you qualify for based on the requirements of the scholarship.  One application submits to all scholarships at once. 



Q: If I have questions about the scholarships, who should I contact? 

A: Please contact the COU Scholarship Director at with any questions regarding scholarships, video submissions, or essay submissions. 


Q: Should I contact Odyssey of the Mind Headquarters or Creative Competitions, Inc., with questions? 

A: Nope! The scholarship process is managed by Creative Opportunities Unlimited on behalf of Odyssey of the Mind participants. If you have any questions, email

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